Rail Wheels


Comsteel produces forged and rolled railway wheels to International standards for all classes of rolling stock. In particular the company is at the forefront in developing products for higher axle loading. New materials and designs for specific applications such as high hardness and wear resistant wheels have been developed by Comsteel.  These wheels deliver improved performance in heavy haul, freight, passenger and locomotive applications.



Comsteel is independently accredited to manufacture and supply the Comsteel range of products in accordance with ISO 9001, RISAS accreditation and is also an AAR approved manufacturer of forged railway wheels. Product quality is supported by in-house chemical, mechanical and non-destructive testing laboratories, which are fully endorsed by the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA) to ISO/IEC 17025, further assuring product integrity



Forged and rolled railway wheels can be manufactured to all recognised international standards. Tailored material solutions to suit customer requirements are also available.

Specialised Materials:

With in house steelmaking and experienced technical personnel, Comsteel has developed many specialised materials for specific applications. In cooperation with Australian heavy haul rail operators Comsteel developed the first Microalloy wheels over 25 years ago and these materials are still the industry leading in wear and defect propagation performance. The Comsteel range of microalloy wheels are proven in Locomotive, Passenger and freight operations throughout Australia and many international operations.


Railway wheels are produced in diameters ranging from 650mm to 1250mm. Wheel plate and tread profiles of any shape can be produced for all freight, locomotive and passenger operations.

Research and Development:

Comsteel utilises experienced personnel and sophisticated in house laboratories to develop material solutions to enhance wheel performance in specific applications. Our Research and Development team are dedicated to continual advances in wheel performance.


Global Supply Network:

Comsteel has the ability to supply direct to you anywhere in the world. We have a long history of export capability and utilises and extensive logistical support team to maximise the efficiency of the global supply chain. Product can be supplied to any destination and will be packaged to be protected from damage during transport.

Batch Sizes:

Due to the unique nature of the Comsteel rail wheel manufacturing facility, we offer complete flexibility in product supply quantities. Any quantity from a single item to delivery quantities of many thousands are possible from our facility. We are willing to discuss your specific requirement or modify our delivery methods to satisfy your needs.


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