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Working in consultation with BC Energy, a nationally recognized energy management and reduction firm, Molycop USA conducted a thorough audit of its existing lighting services and infrastructure at it’s Kansas City Facility and developed a cost benefit analysis and implementation plan to replace the existing lighting with a modern LED based system

The analysis determined that an LED retrofit would achieve a reduction in plant lighting electricity consumption of 75% per year and savings of approximately $650k over the LED lamps lifetime.    

“We saw a great opportunity for the Kansas City facility to lead the charge and convert our facility to this type of lighting system”, noted Sandra Moore, Country Manager, Molycop USA.

The environmental benefits achieved included a 569,920kWh reduction in power usage; 866,278 lbs of reduced carbon or the equivalent of taking 77 cars off the road and the planting of 10,075 trees annually.  

Excluding the obvious reduction in energy consumption, there has been universal support form the employees for the new system due to the improved quality of lighting in the plant. “They are literally seeing things in a whole new light. The plant has never looked so bright and airy. It feels like a completely new plant.”