Spanish operations steps up to support local communities

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Though it was one of the first countries to bear the brunt of the COVID-19 wave, our team and operations in Spain have stepped up in a big way to support their local communities.

In consultation with the local community leaders, they will for the next 8 months purchase 500 euros of products and services from local businesses for immediate donation to families in the surrounding regions of Bilbao and Seville most affected by this crisis.

In addition, the staff at our Seville ball plant collectively stepped up to collect and donate food to the local food bank, an incredible gesture during these trying times.

And finally, they donated face masks to the retirement village of Cristo de la Salud in Seville, a valuable resource during these trying times.

We feel incredibly inspired and proud of all the initiatives implemented by our operations around the world during this time. Well done to Felix Fornaguera and the entire team in Spain for their ongoing support and positive contributions to their neighbouring communities.