Women in Molycop

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Women in Molycop Programme

The Women in Molycop program is aimed to provide talented women across all of Molycop’s global operations with an opportunity to work on their personal career development and create a network of colleagues from across the company.

Two groups of women have been formed, one from different parts of Australia and, more recently a new group has been established in the Americas.  Fourteen female leaders from across our businesses in Canada, Peru, Chile and Mexico met in Lima and then in Santiago to take part in the first of a series of workshops, which were simultaneously translated into Spanish and English.

Sarah Livissianis facilitated the first workshop held in Lima and said that the program is an important platform within our diversity agenda, which offers participants fabulous opportunities and the chance to make themselves known within the wider organisation.

According to Sarah, “It’s amazing to work with such extraordinary women from across our operations each coming from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.  The feedback we have received from them it is that they have not only benefited from what they have learned but also from the fact that they have had the opportunity to meet other inspiring women in senior positions from across the group”.  Maria Fernanda Lara, Coordinator of Imports and Exports of Molycop, Mexico, said the most important thing was to meet with other women from all parts of Molycop.

“Being able to meet them and learn about cultures that are both different but at the same time, have many similarities.  We all face challenges in our work life and at the same time, we feel very proud of what we have achieved.  These workshops are a wonderful experience and they make me feel very motivated “.