The Comsteel range of products is manufactured at the company’s Molycop manufacturing facility, located at Waratah, NSW Australia. The company was established in 1918 to service the growing Australian rail transport industry and has operated continuously from the Waratah site. Utilising state of the art electric furnace technology, the Molycop steel mill produces billets and ingots from steel scrap. Ingots are used in the manufacture of the Comsteel range of forged and rolled railway wheels and forged axles.


Quality products since 1918

The Commonwealth Steel Company is a proud Australian company, which holds a prominent place in the nation’s and the region’s manufacturing history. In 2018 The Commonwealth Steel Company, now part of the Molycop group celebrated 100 years of steel making. Since 1918, the company’s remarkable story has been characterised by seizing opportunities, always innovating, and investing in its products and people. Today, Comsteel rail products are the only Australian manufactured rail wheels for passenger, locomotive and heavy haul trains.