Completion of Acquisition

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Molycop is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of SABO, a Spanish based grinding media business. SABO’s operations include two grinding media facilities based in Bilbao and Seville along with 80 employees.

For the past 100 years, our corporate mission has been to establish Molycop as the preeminent supplier of grinding media and associated technical services to the mining sector. The acquisition of SABO is an ideal strategic fit for the Molycop group.

Both Molycop and SABO see this transaction as a positive outcome for the combined business, our employees and customers.  SABO’s manufacturing footprint and capabilities align perfectly with Molycop’s global manufacturing network and will further enhance our industry-leading value proposition to our customers

“SABO has a valued and longstanding reputation as a trusted grinding media supplier for western Europe and north western Africa. This acquisition is a great match for Molycop and our strategy moving forward. SABO’s operations and team align perfectly with our global manufacturing network, and this transaction will further enhance our industry-leading value proposition to our customers,” – Jim Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of Molycop.