Goal Zero

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Molycop continues to work to achieve “Goal Zero”, a workplace free from injuries and illness, and is focused on the delivery of risk reduction programs for each business.

All Molycop businesses have safety systems and processes that encompass the applicable country regulatory requirements.  The role of management is to provide direction, set the safety standards and drive improvement within the business to encourage all employees, contractors and visitors in working towards the goal of ZERO incidents, injuries and occupational illnesses.

Molycop conducts annual Safety Excellence Awards which are an opportunity to recognise and reward those employees, contractors and suppliers who made an outstanding contribution towards our goal of injury prevention and the reduction of significant incidents.  These awards also provide a platform to encourage the sharing of best practice across the organisation.

There are six Safety Principles which outline the philosophy guiding Molycop’s approach

  •   Working safely is a condition of employment
  •   Employee involvement is essential
  •   Management is accountable for safety
  •   All operating exposures can be safeguarded
  •   Training employees to work safely is essential
  •   All injuries can be prevented