Jorge Riquelme Chile

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Going global with Molycop

With mines situated all over the world, sometimes in the most far-away places, Molycop employees find themselves in some of the most beautifully remote areas. 

For the past 15 years, Jorge has lived in a coastal town in Chile – Antofagasta to be specific – a port city close by to Molycop’s Mejillones plant and regional capital in a mining area in northern Chile’s Atacama Desert. 

Working as the Dispatch Officer, being situated in Mejillones is the ideal position to facilitate clients given the strong competition in an area dominated by mining. With the ability to ensure all products are delivered and arrive to clients on time and without hassle directly impacts Molycop’s reputation as a global company, something Jorge believes is integral to his own growth and development. 

“The clients are very important to us. They are important so that we can be the number one company and go global.”

Jorge is one of the many Molycop employees worldwide that bring to their role a level of unmatched commitment to clients, with a daily energy and enthusiasm to improve his ability to satisfy the customer. Jorge is an excellent example of the growing feeling of excitement by the opportunities available as Molycop continues to go global. 

“I am really happy with how Molycop has been working over here. It’s a business that I have used to develop myself without problems, things have been very easy.”

Where in the world will Molycop take you?