Molycop NG is Here!

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After considerable in-house and in-field testing Molycop has developed a superior, high performance SAG ball – “Molycop NG”.   The ball is manufactured using an innovative, proprietary manufacturing process that has resulted in a tougher SAG Ball, with higher impact and spalling resistance.

Trials to date have resulted in a significantly lower ball consumption range for medium to high impact milling environments

Why the Need to Develop a new SAG Ball?

Newer SAG mills are becoming larger and many mills are being operated more aggressively to maximize throughput.  Traditional SAG grinding media, when used in these environments can experience higher levels of breakage and spalling.  Operators of high-impact SAG mills require tougher SAG balls.

The volumetric ball/charge ratio (impact severity) in the mill dramatically affects ball consumption rates in SAG milling.  Molycop has noticed the trend among customers to increase this ratio. The potential of the new Molycop NG balls to reduce total media consumption may range from 10-15% in lower impact mill environments up to 20-25% in higher impact mill environments, by virtually eliminating the breakage and spalling components of total ball consumption.

Molycop Has Conducted an Extensive R&D Effort

Over a three year period, Molycop undertook a comprehensive effort to develop a SAG ball with greater wear performance and toughness for High-Impact SAG mills.  Specialised manufacturing processes and micro-alloy combinations have been developed to produce the New Generation SAG ball.

Extensive internal testing and multiple successful field tests have confirmed unprecedented levels of product toughness which has resulted in high impact resistance and lower spalling rates.

Investment in New Manufacturing Capabilities

Selected Molycop facilities in the Americas underwent considerable investment in order to install the new Molycop NG manufacturing technology.

The Molycop NG ball is now available in the Americas.