Molycop Sponsors a Food Truck for Truckers in Kamloops, Canada.

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A great initiative coming out of our Kamloops facility in Canada, they will be sponsoring a food truck for the next two days to provide meals to truckers on their way to Kamloops.

As you may know, professional truck drivers have been having an increasingly difficult time in accessing food and restroom facilities during the COVID-19 crisis. The closure of restaurants and an inability for truck drivers to walk up to drive thru windows has left the industry looking for alternatives. Meals For Truck Drivers British Columbia has been established by a group of British Columbia business owners along with the British Columbia Trucking Association to mobilize the food truck industry to bring meals, along with portable washroom facilities, to card locks in locations in need around the Province. Not only does this help to address the needs of drivers, but also puts many workers in the otherwise shut down food truck industry back to work.

We are extremely proud of everyone across our global offices for their ongoing support of their local communities.

Well done to our team in Canada for supporting such a great initiative.