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COVID-19 has affected everyone, with the community of Reparticion, a small neighborhood adjoining our La Joya manufacturing plant in the district of Arequipa, proving no exception.

Many of the local community rely on the trade generated from the Pan Americana highway, that passes directly through the middle of the township.  COVID-19 restrictions have resulted in lees pass through traffic which in turn has impacted the livelihoods of many in the community, who depended on the traffic to support their small businesses.

After more than 80 days of quarantine and isolation, coupled with the sudden loss of income, many families were faced with the prospect of having limited to no access to basic services, including food.

Working in conjunction with local community leaders, we quickly formed a project team comprised of representatives from Molycop, community leaders, and local industry, and were able to procure food supplies and provisions for over 124 families.

We feel incredibly inspired and proud of all the initiatives implemented by our operations around the world during this time. Well done to Javier Castro and the entire team in Peru for their ongoing support and positive contributions to their neighboring communities.  

It is Molycop’ s objective to make a lasting, positive contribution to the societies and communities in which we operate. We actively seek to create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships by understanding and maximizing the positive influence we can have on local development. We recognize that to be a positive catalyst for development we must proactively manage the potential adverse impacts our activities can have at the local level. Without exception, we will respect and protect the human rights, culture, natural resources of our host countries and communities.