Rod Price Western Australia

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Looking over the gold mines in Western Australia, meet Rod Price

Following in his father’s footsteps, Rod has been in and around the mining industry from an early age.

Being based in Western Australia and having intimate knowledge of the important presence mining plays on the state, Rod has been able to utilize his unique perspective when it comes to the growth of the mining industry within his region.

Currently working as the State Account Manager for WA, most of the mines that are situated in the vast area Rod covers are gold mines, but with much of that district fraught with tough terrain, Rod is aware there are always plenty of challenges.

Conditions are tough (even for an old-fella like Rod). Weather sometimes reaches upwards of 48°C, with high humidity and blustery dust making travel difficult, but it’s being out the elements and providing the best service that Rod feels makes Molycop different from the rest. While sometimes it may take 12 hours to reach a site for a half-an-hour chat, Rod says that his customers appreciate his face-to-face service.

“A great day at work is when everything goes smoothly and the customer is happy.”

So what makes Molycop’s the best option for mining sites in WA?

“Our service and technology is second-to-none.”

Being able to guarantee his customers product assurance and knowing that they can deliver quickly to remote areas, while also providing the advantage of manufacturing products on the ground without going overseas and shipping it in, allows Rod the confidence to build a strong rapport with his clients. While Rod’s around, supply demands will be met – that’s his main objective and promise to his customers. 

Rod Price has seen it all, and believes there’s something to say about simply providing the best service while continuing to develop new technology and maintaining high quality products for his customers in WA.

“If we do that, we’ll be ok.”