Same Quality, New Image

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Our customers operating strategy is very simple. The mine can never stop.  What does this mean for Molycop? We can’t stop either. We have to match this same intensity in everything we do. We will support our customers when they need us.  We are 100% committed to leveraging our global network of facilities, resources and people to provide what our customers need to be successful.

That is our promise.

Perhaps the biggest reason why Molycop has been around for 100 years is our culture. Our culture starts with immense pride in our business and each other. With this we create great purpose. We have defined this purpose in our company Manifesto. Our Manifesto can be found in video link above this article. We believe it explains the essence of who we are and why we do what we do.

Over the coming months our company will be making announcements regarding exciting new initiatives and additions to our product and service portfolio. The first being the addition of a new range of high chrome cast grinding media products and a range of mill liner bolts and fasteners (read here for more information).

Our new branding initiative is not just about a new logo.  We are adding a new chapter to a book that spans 100 years with numerous amazing stories told by the many brilliant people that have worked and lived with Molycop.

We are Molycop.

And we are in the business of liberating value for those we serve. 

To the ends of the Earth.

And back.