Sponsored scholarship – Chile

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Mining undergraduate student scholarship sponsored by Molycop Chile

Molycop Chile sponsor a scholarship at Santiago’s Catolica University’s, School of Mining Engineering that covers the first year’s tuition of an undergraduate student who is pursuing a degree in Mining Engineering. The scholarship is awarded to a student that stands out for their personal effort, commitment and dedication to their studies.

The Scholarship is named in honour of Dr Jaime Sepulveda, who worked with distinction for Molycop for over 25 years and is widely recognised as a pre-eminent expert in mineral processing. In the words of Molycop Chile General Manager, Mr. Gustavo Alcazar: “This scholarship is a way to acknowledge the enormous contribution made by Jaime Sepulveda as well as support talented young students trained at this school.” “Molycop is proud to be involved in this programme and supporting the training of young engineers that will hopefully contribute to both the industry and nation’s development.”

On June 30 2017, in the Department of Mining Engineering, the award ceremony was held to announce the recipient of this years scholarship.  Senior student, Daniel Schwarzenberg, was named as this years recipient in recognition of his outstanding personal effort, commitment and academic dedication.

The event was attended by Molycop representatives Gustavo Alcázar, Country Manager Chile, Hector Toro, Commercial Manager and Jaime Sepúlveda, past president of Molycop.  Also present were academics and officials of the School of Engineering Rodrigo Pascual, director of the Department of Mining Engineering amd Álvaro Videla, academic of Metallurgical Processes.

In May, 2015, the “Molycop – Dr. Jaime Sepulveda” scholarship award was awarded to undergraduate student Mario Carrasco Brevis. Mario was a student at the Universidad de Catolica in Santiago, Chile who had been recognised for his commitment to his studies and training as well as his high level of participation in the department.