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Cast High Chrome Grinding Ball Range

Molycop now offers a complete range of cast high chrome grinding media, to supplement our forged grinding media range. Our advanced melting techniques and adherence to tightly controlled alloy chemistries assure our customers of consistent, high quality product and provide the optimum wear resistance against abrasion and corrosion.

The Molycop cast grinding media is available in a size range from 15 mm to 90 mm and is designed for use in both fine and dry grinding applications. Chrome levels can be adjusted to suit any customer application and the product is designed for high performance and minimum wear and abrasion rates. Our superior quality cast high chrome grinding media can perform in a broad range of milling environments and applications.

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Mill Liners and Specialty Fasteners

Molycop’s Donhad range of Mill Liner Bolts and Specialty Fasteners are recognised internationally as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialised bolts and fasteners. We manufacture specialised fasteners in plain carbon alloy and stainless steel for use in the mining, oil, and gas, general and civil engineering industries.

All head shapes, lengths, and diameters of forged products are catered for and customised for any requirement. Our machining, heat treatment and technical capabilities complement the forge operation to deliver technical products of the highest integrity.